I know you’re stressed
Blue Oyster Art Project Space

I Know You’re Stressed is a work made in response to a proposal by Robyn Maree Pickens. I was invited to be a part of an exhibition that explored themes of environmentalism and technology. This collection of readymade cloud squishies are emblematic of ‘the cloud’ – at the time of making this work, was largely considered an impossible sort of non-space for storing files. However, the cloud actually has a significant negative environmental impact, and e-waste adds up, creating digital landfills that contribute to the destructive greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. During this time, fidget spinners, squishies and other such ‘stress toys’ were having a resurgence. This work positions itself in condolences with the audience. We didn’t ask for the cloud, and we as individuals don’t have the ability to reverse previous decisions made my large corporations that have negative environmental impacts.